A well equipped and well managed library is a vital factor in the modern educational structures"

The College Central Library provides service to students and faculty through traditional books and specialized information source. It has been automated with the State-of-the art equipment. It has a huge collection of information, which are available in digital format including audio/video, online courses apart from books and periodicals. The Library is an integral part of the intellectual power of our college. Its mission is to provide services that support the educational goals of the college.

At present the library houses a collection of 60969books and printed volumes, subscribes to more than 130 periodicals and more than 4221 non-book resources. Utmost care is taken in developing resources for each department. The central library area is 1004.05 sq. m. The Uniqueness of our library is the expansive study space blended with state-of-the art facilities. The Digital Library service unit provides access to computers with internet facility. It has many computers in its account. The library also has vast collections of CD-ROM publications, e-book CDs, Video cassettes and technical reports etc The Library has high density of shelving for printed collections, the digital library collection, audio-visual materials facilities etc.