Library Feedback Form

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4. How often do you visit the library?:
5. Why do you visit the library?:
Borrowing materials Social environment Study/Homework/Research Reading in the library Interlibrary loans To use PC's for word processing Internet/Wireless Network Pleasant Environment Local studies
6. Are you using DELNET services in this Academic Year?: Yes No
7. Please give the details about the periodicity of using NPTEL:
8. Purpose of using NPTEL:
9. Please mention number of times you use NPTEL resource the class room teaching:
10.Please give your thoughts on the following areas of our services:
a. Quality of Desk Service:
b. Environment of the library:
c. Library's overall layout:
d. Computer Access & Online Reference links:
e. Quality of collections:
f. Books:
g. Journals & Magazines :
h. Reference Materials:
i. DVD's Videos:
j. Availability of others:
a. N List E Resource:
b. Science Direct:
c. IEEE:
d. ASME:
12.Are you visiting our library intra website http://sitlib/ Yes No
13.Overall,how would you rate SIT library services?:
14.Which of the following library services would you like to see expanded?
15.Your point of view needs Library Awareness Programme conduct: Yes No
16.What are the TWO most important things to make the library better?:

17.Which statement is closest to your opinion about SIT library?: